Down Payment Assistance For Home buyers near Sacramento, Ca

NEW Down Payment Assistance Grant Program Available!

The CHF Platinum homebuyer assistance program currently provides eligible families and individuals with a grant that does not have to be repaid. The grant (up to 5% of the loan amount*) can be used towards down payment or closing costs. Many times this assistance allows homebuyers to purchase a home much sooner than they thought possible. One of the most attractive features of the Program is that you don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer. Even if you owned a home in the past, you may qualify. The CHF Program is available for the purchase of an owner-occupied principal residence, 1-unit developments, and offered in California. Get started by completing this form for your FREE down payment assistance & grant match search.

Benefits of the CHF Home Finance Program in California

The great news about the CHF Platinum FHA Program is that there is no first-time home buyer requirement. This means that previous home owners can still take advantage of all the amazing features this program offers. Home buyers are able to use this program to purchase homes throughout California, so buyers are free to search homes that fit them best.

CHF’s mission is to support affordable home ownership in California by providing financial assistance programs to both home buyers and homeowners.

As a California JPA, CHF has partnered with Jeff Tarbell of Guild Mortgage to provide affordable financing programs with a focus on low-to-moderate income families in California. If you’d like more information or you’re interested in applying for the CHF Platinum FHA Program, please contact us today. All loan qualification subject to change.