Expert Witness Work

by Jeff Tarbell on Mortgage Related Issues

Over the past decade, Jeff Tarbell has provided expert witness support to the legal community in the field of mortgage related issues. This work consists of case review, trial preparation and sworn testimony in court.

Jeff has been a licensed real estate broker for 20 years, a top loan originator by volume, a mortgage brokerage and banker company owner, and a host of a weekly financial radio program on CBS radio (KHTK 1140). While Jeff maintains his primary duties in the day to day mortgage industry, it does keep him up to date on the most recent changes, trends, and laws in the field.

Because of his activity in the day to day mortgage industry, it also enhances the fact that he is a mortgage professional and not simply a “paid informant” who hops around from one case to the next.

For a full resume and more information on using Jeff Tarbell’s expert witness services, please email: or call 916-338-9400.